GM-45 Radiation Monitor - near Altoona PA
(Sample period has been changed, New reading every 60 minutes)
(Previous charts are shown at the bottom of this page.)

22 Sep 2011
The Altoona radiation monitor has been taken offline.
Check back in a few weeks.

3600sec sample period normalized to 1 minute

To see a worldwide map of realtime radiation detector readings click here.

Across the United States normal background radiation ranges from 5 to 28 uR/hr. Higher elevations and areas with concentrations of uranium, thorium or radon can produce larger continuous readings. Natural variations in radiation levels can produce higher readings that soon return to normal background levels.

To help keep things in perspective consider that exposure to 100 uR/hr continuously for a month is approximately the same dosage as seven chest x-rays or two mammograms. (Using dosage levels from the American Nuclear Society.)

These links provide more information on radiation levels.

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NOTE: The "spike" appearing at noon on 3/29/2011 was the result of placing a 3 1/8 oz Morton Salt Substitute package 2 1/2 inches from the front of the detector to test the detector's response. The salt substitute is mostly potassium chloride. The naturally occuring isotope Potassium-40 (approx 0.012% of all potassium) is radioactive, giving off beta radiation and some gamma radiation as it decays.